Cater Care’s proven performance in remote and inhospitable environments gives us a valuable advantage when it comes to offshore operations. Through a full suite of support services, Cater Care provides a home away from home for offshore workers, knowing how good food and comfortable surroundings can contribute to improved morale, productivity and retention. Needless to say, safety sits at the heart of our service offering, because when it comes to workforce welfare – there can be no compromise.

Cater Care…

  • Has the skills, experience and resources needed to provide seamless support to offshore operations
  • Understands inhospitable environments and the unique needs of the people who live and work there
  • Provides catering services and many other support services, from laundry to site maintenance
  • Takes the time to understand each client’s needs, and deliver appropriate menus and customised solutions
  • Recognises that the smallest details have a big role to play in recreating some of the comforts of home
  • Welcomes feedback, holding regular face-to-face meetings with client and customer representatives

A full-suite of support services

  • Housekeeping, cleaning and laundry
  • Catering services up to 5 star standards
  • Waste, recycling and environmental management
  • Security services
  • Pest control services