Diggers and Dealers Mining Forum 2019 – Recap

The Cater Care crew had a great time at this year’s illuminating event.

In the blink of an eye, the Diggers and Dealers Mining Forum has wrapped up for another year! The annual conference attracted the biggest players in mining to Kalgoorlie, the unofficial gold mining capital of Australia. The program included presentations from mining and exploration companies, exhibitors, key speakers and entertainment. It was a great opportunity for our team to learn and grow, but also to catch up with industry colleagues and let our hair down a little in the process.

Digging for Change

Probably the biggest news to come out of this year’s conference is that Nick Giorgetta is stepping down as Chairman of the Diggers and Dealers event. His replacement will be former WesTrac CEO, Jim Walker. On his departure, Nick said it’s been a privilege to have been the Chairman of Diggers and Dealers, and that he’s certain Jim will make an exceptional Chairman.

A Positive Outlook

It was great to see much of the conference was focused on growth and the positive impact mining has on the economy. The unanimous feeling in the air was one of a strong future for mining and exploration.

All of the key speakers were very confident in predicting more growth industry-wide. Most companies present reported being in ‘growth mode’ and those who are not up and running yet are proving up strong reserves.

Stand-Out Speakers

Peter Bradford from IGO gave a stand-out presentation with a focus on new sites through exploration, but hands down, the best speech was delivered by the event’s keynote speaker and former Prime Minister, John Howard at the event’s opening. At 80 years old, he was still articulate and insightful. He spoke with strength and determination and revealed a lot about the special relationship between the industry and government.

Another very insightful speech was delivered by Elizabeth Gaines from FMG. Elizabeth is an Australian businesswoman who serves as Chief Executive Officer of iron ore company, Fortescue Metals Group. She is the company’s first female CEO, appointed in November 2017 following Nev Power.

Elizabeth shared the story of FMG with the crowd, from its beginnings to how it has become the business it is today. As CEO, her focus has been on FMG becoming the safest, lowest-cost producer of iron ore in Australia. FMG has also had a strong focus on Indigenous Engagement and employment, with over a billion dollars’ worth of contracts issued to Indigenous companies to date.

Final Thoughts

The Cater Care team were elated to catch up with colleagues and make new connections with people from mining and exploration companies, the financial industry and other mining service industries professionals. It’s a pleasure to be able to connect with people outside of the usual office environments. We’re already looking forward to seeing you all again at the 2020 event!

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