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Are you looking to enter the remote and mining services industry but not sure what to expect?

Cater Care provides full facilities services to remote mining locations. Working in the remote and mining services industry is both challenging and rewarding. The opportunity to fly in and fly out of a remote location can lead to a fantastic career, full of opportunity and an experience that will last a lifetime.

What is a FIFO position?

Our fly in, fly out (FIFO) positions involve flying in to your place of work for a period of time, before flying back home. As all our FIFO positions are in very remote locations, it requires periods away from home. A typical FIFO roster may be 14 days on, and 7 days off. Work hours are generally quite long and are usually 10-12 hours per day. During your stay on site, you will be provided your own accommodation, meals and recreational facilities to ensure your stay is enjoyable.

What is a DIDO position?

Drive in and Drive out (DIDO) positions are also available at remote mining villages. This is where an employee may drive into site at the commencement of the first day of their roster and remain on site for their entire roster period and then drive home for their rostered off period. Examples of DIDO positions can be people whose home is approximately a 2 or more hours drive away from the site.

What work will I be doing as a FIFO/DIDO worker?

Some of the positions and duties you may be required to do as a FIFO worker includes:

  • Catering and food services.
  • Accommodation management.
  • Housekeeping, janitorial and cleaning duties.
  • Facilities management.
  • Ground maintenance.
  • Waste management.

Benefits of FIFO/DIDO work

  • We will provide you with three well-balanced healthy meals daily so that you’ll stay energised and alert throughout your workday. Meals are provided free of charge, so you save on cost of living expenses.
  • Your single person accommodation quarters will be serviced at least once a week and refreshed with clean linen, towels and basic toiletries – again, saving you money.
  • Remote site wages are often higher due to the remoteness of the location and the rosters worked and the fact that you can’t go home after each shift. This means it can assist to set yourself up financially.
  • Remote site villages can be great places to live. Companies are investing significant resources into ensuring a healthy lifestyle is available to all employees. Many villages have recreational rooms, gymnasiums, health and lifestyle coordinators, sports fields/courts and social clubs.
  • You have the opportunity to live anywhere you like in Australia. Regardless of where you live, you simply just need to fly in to your worksite from your place of residence.
  • You will have considerably more time off between rosters compared to a regular Monday to Friday job. This allows you the chance to spend more quality time with your friends and family, enjoy your hobbies and interests and even travel.
  • Earn frequent flyer points. Given that you’re constantly travelling, you’ll quickly earn many frequent flyer points, get upgraded to higher statuses and be able to spend time at the member’s lounges while you wait for your flights. Your points can also be used for shopping, or to book flights and accommodation for holidays.

What to expect with a FIFO/DIDO position

  • When you work remotely, you do have to leave your family and friends for long periods of time. This separation can affect your relationships and you should consider this before you apply for a remote-based job.
  • Remote sites are exactly that – remote. In parts of the Northern Territory and Western Australia temperatures can reach up to 50C, which can put more stress on you physically. Many jobs require you to spend time each day outside, and you must be prepared. Cater Care will ensure you have all necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and water so that you stay safe and healthy on site.
  • Remote villages can be a long way from services like banks, post offices, shopping centres and pharmacies. Usually, what you take out with you will need to last you for that roster period. Most villages have a small retail section where you can buy personal items.
  • You will need for your body to adapt to the longer hours and continuous days of work. Working FIFO rosters can cause fatigue and your body clock needs to adjust to the long hours and regular travel.
  • Being located at a remote site for a period of time also makes it difficult to plan social events with friends and family. You can’t simply take a day off for a social event, as you are situated far from home.
  • At some remote locations, phone and internet connectivity can be limited. However, if there is limited connectivity at the site you are assigned to work, we will provide alternative means for connectivity.
  • At remote mining villages you are subject to Alcohol and Other Drug Testing to ensure your safety and fitness to work on site. Unacceptable results can lead to you no longer being required to work on site. Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol can result in you no longer being able to work on site.


If you’re considering a career in the remote or mining sector and would like to talk about your suitability for a role with Cater Care, contact us.



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