Edna May Continue to Implement Healthy Eating Initiatives

Health and lifestyle statistics show that the remote workforce has a higher incidence of obesity and depression than the national average.
Recognising that remote area workers are likely to over-consume discretionary foods and choose larger than recommended serving size, was the initiative for Cater Care to develop the RISE Healthy Eating program. Importantly, the program will provide access to a range of nutritious foods, as well as promote and encourage healthy eating.

The program was successfully launched in 2017 at Jellinbah and is being implemented on many of our remote sites.

Our second launch was held in the small town of Westonia, located 316 kilometres east of Perth, at Edna May village. Through our client and customer feedback programs, we identified a strong desire for more healthy options to be made available in the meal service. A number of initiatives have been implemented to include healthier ingredients (e.g., low fat milk instead of cream), smaller plate sizes and improved Crib offering, as well as improved merchandising and layout.

The recent launch at Edna May also featured a new database of nutritionally analysed dishes developed by our dietitian and the executive food team. To help engage the residents new marketing collateral was designed to allow them to quickly identify the healthy options and provide knowledge on healthy lifestyle choices.

Importantly, new cooking techniques and back of house resources have all been implemented at site, which will further support the program and ensure a great outcome for our client and their residents. The program has been well received by the residents, and the Cater Care staff are enthusiastic about the program and very supportive.

“We all want to make healthy choices; it’s just not always that easy. Having the options there will definitely help” – Edna May resident

“It’s a good program, and it’s always good to develop new techniques and skills” – Mohamed Saber, Edna May Head Chef.

“The Healthy Rise program, in my opinion, is excellent. All residents talk about eating healthy; it’s the doing that doesn’t actually happen, Cater Care has taken the initiative, and we are moving in the positive direction.” – Ross Rarere, Site Manager

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