Increased Focus on Customer-driven Approach to Catering in Aged Care

The past few years have seen significant change in the aged care industry as a new demographic enters the market – the ‘baby boomers’.

The introduction of the ‘baby boomers’ generation has created a shift in the aged care market as a new type of customer is born, one which places values on personal autonomy and decision making.

A large concern for this generation is a loss of influence within their own lives and in the greater community, with many believing that the current aged care system will be unable to support their needs.

As a result many aged care providers are reassessing their service models to become more customer focused. New service models will place a greater emphasis on a hospitality mindset where care will be based on needs and the customer service experience. A central component will be collaborating with the customer to provide a more personalised service from the first moment of engagement.

Industry experts believe that technology will play a large role in improving efficiency and catering to future generations’ needs in aged care. Ubercare, youchoice and carepilot are just a few interactive technologies which have recently been introduced into the aged care sector which help to empower and guide older Australians and their families determine the correct service for them.

The customer-focused service models allow customers to co-create their experience. Cater Care has recently implemented its own internal technology which will enable us to more closely track the individual’s preferences, medication, eating plans and allergies for a more personalised experience. Furthermore, in using technology at our sites customers can become more involved in processes such as menu development and social forums. This provides great insight into our customers’ needs and as a result enables us to continue to improve the services we provide to them.

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