Irrungadji Women’s Mural Project

The Irrungadji Women’s Project involves a group of 15 Irrungadji women dedicated to preserving and celebrating their cultural knowledge and to transfer this knowledge to the younger generations through art and music projects.

The arts initiative was formed in 2013 after the Budadee Foundation was successful in acquiring a grant to run the first Return to Country Arts Program and exhibition in the community. The Budadee Foundation has a key aim of supporting positive community development in Nullagine, and engages Terra Rosa Consulting to facilitate projects.

This art group is led by senior women from the community; Lilly and Amy, both acclaimed Indigenous artists, and group coordinator Annabell Landy spearhead the opportunities and group activities. For this project, the group members were chosen for their role as teachers and learners, and these roles were shared among the group.

Over three days at a spot on the Nullagine River called ‘Three Mile’, the women organised themselves into groups of teachers and learners for the painting of a traditional piece of art. They decided their mural would tell the story of the Seven Sister’s journey around the waterholes of Nullagine. With 17 kids running around laughing and singing, the atmosphere was one of joy as the women created a beautifully visual piece of ‘talking’ art.

The final result is an inspirational Seven Sisters mural that will be displayed in the Nullagine Hotel to help promote the art group.  

The women are keen to continue with similar projects that promote the inter-generational transfer of endangered cultural knowledge. The Project is now hoping to start a traveling exhibition of their works through mining sites to further promote cultural awareness.

Significant projects like this need support and Cater Care is proud to have played a part in this initiative by supplying some of the art supplies and stationery items.

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L-R: Fiona Francis, Valerie Aspro, Yvonne Long, Jetaleen Sampson, Gloria Francis, Mavis Finlay, Stella Brumby, Sandra Francis, Talisha Francis, Lucelle Francis, Phyllis Francis and Trayna Bennell. Absent from the photograph is: Margaret Everett, Amy French, Lilly Long and Larissa Booth.

Working together, Terra Rosa and Desert Feet captured the mural process. view at: Irrungadji Mural Project

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