You Can Help Mercy’s Mission Educate Children

As a co-founder of Cater Care, Mike Phillips and his wife Lyn are passionate about our core values of care, pride and community. While Mike still works with Cater Care clients, he and Lyn also support the Orphanage, Mercy Mission Indonesia, in Denpasar.

Mike said, “We first heard of Mercy Mission from Ps Paulus Wiratno at a conference in Sydney. We were very impressed with the work he’s done and his vision for the orphan children and their futures.”

Ps Paulus and his wife, Marliesye started the Mission when an unwed mother gave them her baby, and over time created a haven dedicated to taking in orphaned children and meeting their physical, spiritual, and mental needs with love and respect. Their mission is to restore the lives of orphans and vulnerable children throughout Indonesia.

In 2004, they extended care to war and Tsunami orphan children from East Timor, living without family, food or shelter. The Mercy Indonesia home was established in 2005, also caring for babies and very young children. Today it is home to 45 children and their wonderful carers.

Since 2005, Mike and Lyn regularly provide financial support and visit. “Each time we return we are thrilled to see how happy they are, and their progress in gaining education and the life skills to be self-sufficient” Mike said.

This year, 11 students graduated from senior school and left to enter the workforce, which allows for more desperately needy children to come into the home.

More recently Mike and Lyn committed to providing repurposed computers to Mercy Indonesia, to further assist the children. Cater Care have also donated several redundant laptop and desktop computers to this cause.

Cater Care would like to continue supporting Mercy Mission and Mike and Lyn by providing the children with much needed computer equipment. If you have surplus used, working computers, we can arrange to have them sent to Mercy Indonesia on your behalf.

It’s a great cause that Cater Care is proud to support.

It easy to help, it’s harder to ignore.

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