Nova Nickel Project Win for Cater Care

In an environment where the media’s focus is on the downward turn of the resources industry, there are a few examples which are bucking the trend – Nova Nickel Project in Southern WA (owned by Sirius Resources) – is a shining example.

The project is located approximately 120 km east of Norseman, more than 700 km from Perth, and is one of the few greenfield projects to get the green light in 2014.

In January 2015, Nova Nickel was an exploration village for 30 people, and just two months later, it is now a fully-fledged construction village housing more than 200 people. In due course it will be a camp that will accommodate 500 workers.

Cater Care has worked collaboratively with Sirius as they expand the construction camp and install the main camp. The contract covers three distinct phases; the Fly Camp for initial construction of the permanent camp; the permanent camp during the main construction; and once construction is completed, the standard day-to-day operational phase. Cater Care will provide all catering, housekeeping, industrial cleaning, accommodation, wet mess and retail services – a busy time for all!

In keeping with Cater Care’s values of Care, Pride and Community we recognised the opportunity to support a local Indigenous company, Bromus Pty Ltd, owned by Ngadju siblings Donna and Adrian Schultz. Bromus will be mentored by Cater Care to deliver Industrial Cleaning services on site, specifically to create employment opportunities for the local Ngadju peoples.

We are excited to be awarded the opportunity to work alongside the Sirius Management team and to be supporting their vision to deliver a world class Nickel project. Our two organisations share similar values and are focused on building a strong and resilient working relationship.

We are also firmly committed to building sustainable business outcomes with the Ngadju people and in particular Bromus Pty Ltd.

For Cater Care it demonstrates that even in difficult market conditions the value of our reputation, the quality of our service and the integrity of our people cannot be underestimated.

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