Our Food

At Cater Care, we believe the quality of food we provide to the residents, students, and customers we cater for defines us as a company.

We know every organisation has its own requirements, so our first step is to listen carefully when we develop a food service solution. We’ve developed three simple food commitments that guide our planning, preparation, and service of each meal.


Fresh Food,
Every Time

We prepare our food on site every day with fresh produce and wholesome ingredients.


Classic and

Our menus contain a blend of timeless classic dishes and contemporary dishes made popular more recently through Australia’s diverse culture.

Looks Good,
Tastes Good

We understand that food needs to look good – either in a bain-marie or as words on a menu. But we also know that eye appeal needs to translate into authentic flavour.



We believe professional menu planning – whether for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, a themed meal, or function – is an essential component of successful food service provision.

Our detailed menu planning process ensures each menu meets agreed contractual, budgetary, and best practice menu planning frameworks. We’ve identified key touchpoints that guide initial menu development and later updates. This approach means our menus are developed correctly the first time, every time.



Our Taste of Cater Care Recipe Program connects our growing community through food by sharing a new recipe each season that can be enjoyed with family and friends.

We believe good recipes have an intrinsic value. Creating and sharing them reflects our core values – care, pride, and

Sign up to receive each season’s recipe and have a look through our back catalogue.

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Supporting Positive Ageing Recipes

Our Supporting Positive Ageing recipes reflect our commitment to creating delicious, nutritious, and engaging dishes
specifically for aged care residents.

These specialised recipes come alive through our Secrets From The Kitchen program, which brings aged care resident communities together for an interactive cookery demonstration that includes conversation, food tasting and lots of fun.

See our Supportive Positive Ageing recipes.

Secrets from the Kitchen

We’ve developed a program that brings aged care resident communities together in a spirit of connection and belonging. It involves an interactive cookery demonstration with conversation, food tasting and lots of fun.

Two featured dishes from the cookery demonstration are served at lunch on the day so residents who couldn’t attend can enjoy
the meals.

Chef’s Recipe Resource

Our Chef’s Recipe Resource provides inspiration and functional support for menu planning, ordering, preparation, and presentation of our meals.

The resource is housed in an online library that contains an expanding collection of tested, photographed and nutritionally analysed recipes.

Our recipes focus on all areas of our menus and include breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, themed meals, and function dishes.

Healthy eating

We encourage healthy eating across the broad range of markets we service and the customers we feed every day.

Our healthy eating philosophy is guided by the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Eating and our commitment led to initiatives including engaging a full-time dietitian. It also led to the development of two market specific healthy eating programs.

For our education, government, business, industry, and retail business we developed the My Choices – Healthy Eating Program and for the remote, mining, onshore oil and gas and offshore business we developed the RISE – Healthy Eating Program.

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