Remote, mining, oil and gas

We’re one of Australia’s leading providers of contract catering, accommodation, and facility management services.

We design our services to provide a welcoming environment where people can settle in, relax, and leave everything to us – all day, every day.

We engage, listen, and communicate with our clients to find out what’s important. With our experience and knowledge, we’re confident we can design and deliver a service to suit every purpose.

Wherever we work, we connect with our local communities. We have a responsibility to contribute meaningfully to the communities we operate in and we’re expanding Indigenous participation across our organisation.

Our commitment to quality in every aspect of our service lies at the heart of everything we do. Thanks to our years of experience, knowledge and expertise, we’re very confident we can supply any service required, anywhere… and we’ll do it well!

Our integrated approach to service delivery means we focus on all aspects of remote life, including:

  •  village, site, and project management
  •  catering and food services
  •  accommodation management
  •  housekeeping, janitorial and cleaning
  •  tavern and retail operation
  •  ground maintenance and general utility services
  •  waste management
  •  maintenance, refurbishment, recommissioning and expansion
  •  transport and aerodrome management
  •  health and lifestyle services.


Fresh Food, Every Time
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Our Food

Our proven capability in the Australian catering markets enables us to produce a high-quality service solution that delivers excellence.

Our menus are built on fresh, seasonal produce provided by local suppliers. We understand our residents may have special dietary, religious or cultural requirements and these must be catered for correctly and with empathy.

Our RISE – Healthy Eating Program offers healthy menu options and supports healthy eating awareness for residents working in remote areas.

We listen carefully to our clients to ensure we develop a food service solution that suits their residents’ needs.

RISE – Healthy Eating Program

We’re committed to encouraging healthy eating and developed the RISE – Healthy Eating Program for use across our remote, mining, onshore oil and gas, and offshore businesses.

The program forms a component of the overall RISE Program, which covers all areas of a healthy lifestyle including mental health, physical activity, and healthy eating. The healthy eating component encourages healthy eating among our residents and offers clearly identified healthy menu options at breakfast, crib, and dinner. And targeted messaging empowers individuals to make informed decisions.

RISE includes a range of support tools for site based teams such as recipes, preparation checklists, and produce and ingredient purchasing guidelines.


Our national operational management structure is reinforced by individual state support teams and on-site teams. Our staff are hand-picked for the skills and experience they offer, and for their ability to provide the right mix of quantity, quality and variety – they’re motivated and enjoy what they do.

100% Quality Assurance

All Relevant Accreditation

Impeccable Safety Record

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