Raising the Bar in Aged Care Compliance


Cater Care’s newly appointed Aged Care Compliance Manager, Kristel Seiler, is keeping us at the forefront of this growing sector.

The number of senior-aged Australians has grown significantly in recent years, putting increased strain and scrutiny on the aged care sector. In fact, in 2018 it was reported that more than 200,000 Australians live or stay in residential aged care on any given day. These residents, their friends and family all demand, expect and deserve their care to be delivered in a safe, warm and welcoming environment. 

Why appoint an Aged Care Compliance Manager?

As the largest catering contractor in the aged care sector, Cater Care is serious about our commitment to continuous improvement. We work tirelessly with all of our clients to ensure our information systems and processes are up to date and complied with, so we can make improvements, support clients and enhance the lives of consumers. In order to pursue this, Cater Care has appointed an Aged Care Compliance Manager, Kristel Seiler. 

About Kristel

Kristel joined Cater Care in 2013, bringing with her extensive health care industry experience, having worked in private hospitals as Hotel Service Manager, looking after catering, cleaning and laundry. Kristel’s ongoing education and hands-on experience with Cater Care as a Senior Aged Care Accounts Manager has provided her with the knowledge and skills to guide Cater Care and our clients in compliance with the newly introduced Aged Care Quality Standards.

What does the role involve?

“My role is to champion corporate integrity and accountability to ensure that our aged care sector is in full compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards as well as with our business practices and standards,” Kristel says, “My main focus is ensuring that I am communicating compliance requirements to all employees across all divisions of the organisation whether they are front line catering assistants, chef managers or general managers, to ensure we are integrating best practices across all levels of the business.”

As a sector specialist, Kristel works in conjunction with our State Operations Teams, Food Safety Team and other sector specialists, with a focus on outcomes for our consumers and the care and services we provide.

“My role helps us manage risk through mentoring and instituting practices that will ensure the highest possible level of compliance by us and our clients,” she says, “It’s exciting and enlightening to witness firsthand the lengths that our workforce goes to, not only to ensure the consumers’ needs are met, but that they are exceeded on a daily basis.”

Kristel also provides feedback, identifying trends so that Senior Management can determine the direction needed to manage and govern their relationships with staff and clients. Additionally, to ensure we are continually challenging our internal systems and compliance against the new Aged Care Quality Standards that came into effect on 1st July 2019, Kristel will undertake unannounced audits across the sites we service.

As part of these audits Kristel will:

  • interview a minimum 10% of consumers on-site to receive feedback through general consumer engagement;
  • identify and address areas for improvement to ensure the new standards are met;
  • support and coach staff to understand the requirements of the new standards; and
  • ensure our systems, policies and practices align with the new standards.

The role of Aged Care Compliance Manager is critical to providing governance assurance for both our clients and Cater Care, and to ensure that the quality of life and engagement of consumers is continually improved; recognising each individual as a person who is entitled to enjoy their life, be treated with dignity and receive the best quality of care.

Setting the benchmark

Chief Operating Officer, Bryce Williams, is confident the introduction of this role will raise the bar and set a benchmark for the industry. 

“By Cater Care taking the initiative to introduce this role within contract catering for the aged care sector, it sets the tone that we will hold employees accountable, and lead a culture of compliance,” Bryce says, “It’s showcasing to our clients that we are proactive and vigilant in identifying potential breaches and diligent to ensure we rectify them. It also gives our clients peace of mind knowing that we are continually reviewing and monitoring our policies and procedures to ensure we remain up to date and current, rather than being reactive.”

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