Cater Care’s Core Values Align for Reconciliation Success

Cater Care’s core values are care, pride and community. They are the keystones of our business and therefore form the basis of our third Reconciliation Action Plan. 
Cater Care’s 2017-2019 Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) demonstrates our continued focus to work toward reconciliation – to bridge the social and economic distance between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians – to close the gap. 

Our values and genuine desire to positively contribute to closing the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians, are the driving force for us to support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in which we operate.

This will only be successful when real engagement within a framework of self-determination and economic partnerships is embraced. For engagement to be meaningful, it must provide tangible and shared economic benefits to Indigenous communities in a way that is both sustainable and culturally appropriate. Building strong common-sense commercial partnerships with Indigenous businesses will help achieve this.

A good example is our partnership developed with Abundance Produce Australia – an Australian Indigenous owned company established by Gerard and Phil Matera (Noongar people). Abundance supply fresh produce, processed foods, ready to eat foods and quarantine services.

Traditional Owner business Bromus Pty Ltd is another example. A creation of Ngadju siblings Donna and Adrian Schult, Bromus is providing an ideal opportunity for us to mentor another Indigenous business that assists in providing mine site services, cleaning, security, and airport reporting officer services.

Cater Care’s Chief Operating Officer and Reconciliation Working Group Chairman, Denis Andre said, “These successes are very rewarding and encouraging for all involved. Indigenous participation in our business is continuing to develop, as we grow employment opportunities and nurture mutually beneficial economic partnerships with an increasing number of Indigenous businesses.

“Our RAP program and strategies are well embedded within our organisational processes and mindset. Building upon our knowledge, skills and cultural understanding; fostering mutual respect and opportunities.”

To celebrate the ongoing success of the RAP, we’ve engaged Aboriginal artist, Lani Balzan (a proud Wiradjuri woman) to create a piece of artwork that reflects a joining of two cultures. Our culture is care, pride and community and Indigenous culture is well recognised and represented through art. Follow this link to learn more about Lani Balzan.

We are fully committed to creating a working environment in which reconciliation is taking place on an everyday basis. And, thanks to the commitment right across our business, we are contributing meaningfully towards closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

We believe we have laid solid foundations for long-term success.

Follow the links to learn  more about our Indigenous Commitment and about our 2017 Reconciliation Action Plan

You can contact Lani Balzan’s via Facebook or her website

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