Keeping Mine Site Employees Happy, Healthy and Supported: Solutions for 2019

What’s Inside

When it comes to providing employees an environment where they feel happy, connected and supported, we understand many mine site operators come across some challenges, including:

  • Ensuring they meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of employees
  • Demand for high-quality, nutritionally balanced meal options
  • Maintaining a productive workforce

Cater Care’s latest eBook addresses these challenges, and provides you with the solutions on how to overcome them.

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“It has given me some things to think about in regards to the complete holistic view and offering increased activities for the residents.” – Christine Bean, Community Relations Coordinator, Tronox

“Looks like a good initiative and is certainly aligned with the sort of things we are doing as a company at the moment, so would have strong support from IGO.” – Robert Rickie, Senior Contracts Officer Independence Group NL


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