Safety Summit – ‘Keeping it Fresh’

On March 18, Heathgate Resources hosted a safety summit at its Beverley mine site in SA.

The summit brought together participants from Heathgate, Cater Care and other contractors working at the mine, with the aim of sharing safety information that everybody could learn from. Cater Care’s Group Safety and Wellbeing Manager, Zinta Satins, presented on behalf of Cater Care.

Zinta shared with the group the work that Cater Care is doing toward developing a positive safety culture and spoke about our safety culture program ‘Keeping it Fresh’.

The ‘Keeping it Fresh’ program is founded on a culture that fosters adaptability, innovation, learning and just treatment. The program encourages the use of positive language with safety being about working towards positive outcomes instead of avoiding negative outcomes.

The safety summit was a great initiative by Heathgate Resources. There were many safety learnings with presenters showcasing proactive actions and ideas, with an overall focus on celebrating the positive. Cater Care’s presentation was very well received by the participants.

Special mention to the Cater Care staff at the Beverley mine village; the team received a round of applause at the conclusion of the submit in recognition of their good work in caring for the residents and visitors at the village on a daily basis and for their special care and attention during the summit..

We are looking forward to the next summit to continue the sharing and learning about safety in the mining industry.

Zinta SZinta Satins 1atins

Group SHE & Wellbeing Manager

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