Secrets From the Kitchen Enhances Resident Engagement

As individuals, we all need to feel a sense of connection and belonging to society and the community as a whole; a fact that is even more important in the context of our ageing population.

Activities that enhance emotional well-being strengthen an individual’s capacity to maintain their independence, autonomy and general wellness, which is why Cater Care are strongly focused on working with our clients to improve the quality of life and engagement of our residents in Aged Care facilities across the country.

With a strong commitment in improving residents’ wellbeing and inclusion, Cater Care has brought our positive ageing program, Secrets from the Kitchen, to numerous sites in which we operate in across Australia. The program aims to foster resident engagement by bringing residents together in an interactive cooking demonstration and lunch.

This year’s menu theme is ‘Family Favourites’ and includes a cooking demonstration of two classic, nutritious, and delicious dishes led by General Manager of Food Sean Anderson, as well as tasting plates for residents, and recipe cards of the dishes to share with their family and friends. Following the demonstrations, the two featured dishes are also served at lunch to allow residents that were not able to attend the event the opportunity to also enjoy both dishes in the comfort of their dining room.

‘The program has been successful in engaging our residents, with some even enjoying some friendly banter with Sean,’ said Bryce Williams, General Manager of Aged Care and Retirement at Cater Care, ‘It is wonderful to see the residents enjoying each other’s company, conversation and great food.’

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