Supporting Jawoyn – A Friend in Need

The Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation represents the traditional Jawoyn landowners, and is primarily concerned with the provision of general social welfare to Jawoyn clans.

The Association supports the views and aspirations of the Jawoyn people and their country through their human services, land management, cultural and business enterprises.

Cater Care was first introduced to the Jawoyn Association in October 2016 during a visit to Katherine in the Northern Territory by our Business Development Manager, Shelly Sidell. Shelly later returned to Katherine to meet with Association CEO, John Berton to discuss partnering with Cater Care to support employment opportunities and provide training and resources to the local community.

As a result of discussions earlier this year, there was an opportunity for us to contribute a number of assets to the Jawoyn Association to assist in the provision of services to the local community. Our donations included linen, manchester, kitchen and dining utensils and cleaning equipment, as well as the sale of two vehicles and a trailer.

“Our operations and local site management teams identified a number of assets within the business that could be of assistance to Jawoyn and help them with the valuable services they provide to their community in aged care and we knew they would appreciate the support.” said Shelly.

The contribution to the Jawoyn Association provided welcomed support for the local community.

“There are many aged care recipients, people on medication and community members who will be most grateful to accept your kind donation of linen, kitchenware and the likes”. Says Jawoyn Association Administration Manager, Vicki Burn.

Cater Care recognise that community engagement is an integral part of our business. Ongoing commitment and support for the local Indigenous communities where we live and work is an important part of providing services to our clients.

In concert with our values of care, pride, and community, we are committed to building strong, commercial joint ventures with Indigenous industries in order to build capability within their local businesses and communities and to ready them for greater opportunities which may become available.

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