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The Food Safety Information Council (FSIC) is Australia’s leading disseminator of consumer targeted food safety information.

FSIC is a health promotion charity supported by state and territory health and food safety agencies, local government, and leading professional, industry and community organisations.

FSIC provides effective food safety information to help prevent people from becoming ill from foodborne diseases which assists in reducing the incidence of food poisoning and aide in addressing the estimated 4.1 million cases of food poisoning in Australia each year; the 31,920 hospitalisations, 86 deaths and 1 million visits to doctors annually.

Based on a belief that skills and awareness learnt at work will be applied in the home, the Council also partners with organisations actively promoting food safety in the workplace, educational and training institutions, hospitals, child and aged care facilities.

Cater Care is a proud supporter of FSIC. This year, we are working with the council to promote food safety for residents in aged care facilities. The campaign will focus on educating the families of the residents who bring food from home to the residents. Working with local authorities, information kits will be provided to every aged care facility across the country to better ensure food safety for the residents.

The Council’s major activity is Australian Food Safety Week held annually in the second week of November. Throughout the year food safety is promoted through the distribution of information directly to requesting individuals and organisations, and at food safety, educational, health and general safety conferences, exhibitions, and expos.

The Council is Australia’s leading health promotion charity and is seeking community support to help fund Australian Food Safety Week through crowd-funding – MyCause. If you can support Food Safety Week, please donate at – all donations are tax deductible.

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