What is Enabling Safety?

The safety of our team members is of utmost importance for Cater Care. We continually look at ways to improve on the way we do safety at our sites, and as a result, have developed the Enabling Safety program.

Enabling Safety is a Cater Care initiative to raise awareness and emphasise the importance of safety among our employees.

The founding pillars of Enabling Safety mirror those of our original “Keeping it Fresh” ethos:

  • Adaptive – Supporting our people to assess their situation, to make informed decisions, adjust as needed and take action.
  • Innovative – Supporting our people in being solutions focused, to use initiative come up with new ideas and be innovative.
  • Learning – Supporting our people to engage in and to contribute to learning, speaking up, communicating, voicing ideas and solutions.
  • Just – Supporting open communication so that our people feel comfortable talking about what goes well and not so well without fear of punishment, and supporting our people to take responsibility.

Enabling Safety will be typified by two main aspects:

  1. A change in the way we communicate safety – through various methods of communications to deliver our safety messages onsite
  2. A change in the way we approach safety – taking a new approach to capture team members’ innovations and solutions they have identified to improve the safety of their work environment.

The program has been rolled out across a number of our remote sites with some positive outcomes already!


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